Specialfind.it - a unique free online directory for suppliers of electric motors and related systems and components.

Welcome to specialfind.it - YOUR online source to rapidly locate suppliers of standard, and application-specific, electric motors and complete motion systems (with gearboxes, electronics, accessories, services, etc. )

Whether your requirement is reduced energy consumption, better performance, higher speed or higher reliability, then specialfind is the route to locating the equipment for your application, and gives you access to the spectrum of electric motors - of all types and sizes.
Find your ideal solution in minutes using our parametric search engine.
www.specialfind.it/en aims to be an innovative solution based on relational databases using parametric search on SPECIALFINDER section (not yet open).
www.specialfind.it will also offer a specialist exhibition of motors and accessories.

Please send an e-mail to info(at)axu.it specifying your email address, company name and country

This service will be activated for companies that wish
to buy electric motors - all types and all dimensions.

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